Senior Executive Recruitment Company (SERC) (Topplederrekruttering AS in Norwegian), has its main focus on recruiting top level executives (CEO) and executives who are part of the top level leadership team. In addition SERC provides different forms of leader support for these executives.

The corporation is led by two partners, Tor Rune Raabye and Frode Dale. The corporation has established a network of highly competent researchers, independent recruiters and experienced mentors.

Our motto

«When quality and development counts»

Quality in all phases and continious development philosophy is our focus.

Our values

  • Transparency and Honesty
  • Coherence and Quality
  • Integrity and Evalulearning

Trust and the will to do both parties well are central to our work ethics.

  • SIC-urity©

A quality assured holistic recruiting system that binds together the selection and integration process in one common learning process. This is our unique main product.
We believe strongly that we are the only corporation offering this coherent end to end system. A system based on many years of professional and leadership experience.

  • Integration of New Top Executives

Based on a quality asssured «hand over» after selection, we offer contextual and targeted leader support from employment contract is signed and 6-12 months into the new executive position.

  • Taking Over and Developing Executive Team

We assist in taking over already running executive level teams. The aim is to assure quality in the teams 5 Rs and thus establish a platform for further development.

  • Executive Team Development

We assist top executives in making their team more robust, more relevant and more effective. Our primary tools are the concepts DUOK ® and GUTS®.

  • Network Groups for New Executives

We facilitate network groups for new top executives in their first year.

  • Network Groups for Top Executives

We facilitate network groups for top executives who wish to meet other comparable executives and share leadership knowledge and experiences in full confidentiality.

  • «In between jobs».

An offer for top executives who for different reasons leave their position, but have no new position to go to.

  • Mentorship for New Executives

We connect selected and trained mentors and new executives who wish to have a sparring partner.

  • «First Time CEO»

An individually customized leader training program for ambitious executives targeting a top executive positions.
Is also available as a common learning program for mid level leaders that have shown executive level potenitial.

  • Our «Top Executive Program»

An exclusive leadership program for top level executives who have a desire to achieve further personal and leadership development.

Contact us if you want more information or want an uncommital meeting.